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ISIS Calls on Followers to Kidnap Kids in UK-Using Snaps of Kings College Choir

Sick terror group ISIS uses propaganda magazine to urge followers to step up twisted tactics as intelligence experts warn of swift action

The terror group's monthly Rumiyah magazine, which was released at the end of last week, calls on ISIS terrorists to take non-Muslims children in Europe.

The detailed and instructional article is accompanied by a picture of young boys from King's College Choir in Cambridge with the caption: It is permissible to kidnap the children of the Harbi Kuffar (non-Muslims).

ISIS have used kidnapping as a tactic in the Middle East, particularly in Iraq where they have kidnapped hundreds of Yazidi kids and use them as slaves or trained them up as suicide bombers.

There are also reports they have used them as human shields during battles with the Iraqi army.

But this month's plea is the first time the terror group have called on its followers to kidnap British kids.

Source: Al-Alam News Network

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