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ISIS Fire Kills Syrian Rebel Top Commander in Daraa Province

A prominent Syrian rebel leader was assassinated on Monday by ISIS militants. Local sources reported that the attack took place in Syria's southern Daraa province.

A group of ISIS militants were able to infiltrate into the rebel-held Yarmouk neighborhood in eastern Daraa.

Daesh [ISIS] militants assaulted the office of the rebel commander Abdulnour al-Nassan in Yarmouk. The commander was found dead along with two of his guards, Wissam al-Amir, a spokesman for the Southern Front Rebels told ARA News in Daraa.

Clashes broke out between the rebel fighters and ISIS militants after the attack. Two of the Daesh cell were killed and four others were taken captive, al-Amir reported.

Abdulnour al-Nassan, also known as Abu Lina, was the leader of the Hamza al-Naemi Brigade�which fights alongside other factions under the umbrella of the Southern Front Rebels.

The Southern Front Rebels is a main rebel coalition in southern Syria, fighting against the government forces and ISIS.

This is not the first time for ISIS to target Syrian rebel leaders in Daraa.

On September 28, Hassan Abazid, the leader of Jund al-Farouq rebel group, was killed along with three of his guards in an ISIS-led car bomb attack in the town of Gharz in Daraa suburb. Jund al-Farouq is a powerful Free Syrian Army (FSA) faction. Its leader, Hassan, led military operations in Daraa against both ISIS and the Syrian government forces.

In July, ISIS claimed responsibility for the assassination of another well-known Syrian rebel leader in Daraa Governorate. Shakir Nabbut al-Rashwani, the commander of Homs al-Waleed, was reported dead after militants blew up his car in the al-Balad District.

Source: Al Alam

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