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ISIS Leader Al Baghdadi’s Bodyguard Known as RAMBO Killed in Mosul

Aymam Al Mosuli Known as RAMBO earned his nickname after serving as bodyguard for the death cult's leader Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi reportedly have been gunned down while fighting Iraqi troops south of the terror capital.

Aymam Al Mosuli was also believed to be chief of special security units of ISIS. Mysterious death squads have been targeting jihadi warlords prompting rumours they could be Special Forces waging a guerrilla war on ISIS.

ISIS have been desperately holding on to the northern Iraq stronghold as Kurdish Peshmerga and Iraqi army forces pound the twisted terrorists. But the squeeze on ISIS means the group are resorting to more desperate � and deadly � measures.

So-called "suicide squads" are reportedly flooding into Mosul to clash with Iraqi troops. The terrorists coming from neighbouring Syria stand out from regular terrorists due to their "distinctive uniforms".

The suicide squads are made up of foreign fighters, armed with light weapons and all wearing suicide belts, witnesses claim.

Source: Al Alam

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