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ISIS Orders Fighters to Shoot Women and Children Fleeing Mosul

ISIS fighters have been ordered to kill women and children fleeing Mosul, a captive militant revealed.

Former fighter Abu Ahmed, now prisoner of Kurdish forces, has told how he was ordered to kill women and children to deter other from escaping areas under ISIS control.

Ahmed said: People tried to flee, because of the conditions in Mosul, to Kurdistan or Baghdad but they would be blown up by IEDs and if they weren't they'd be shot at even if they were kids.

The thing people care about the most is their children. The hardest thing for anybody to see is their child being hurt, even if it's not with a weapon, but ISIS are going to use guns on children.

The Mosul offensive is now underway with Iraqi government forces along with Peshmerga from Iraqi-Kurdistan fighting ISIS.

The UN has warned civilians are being used as human shields by the sick fighters trying to retain control.

Terrorist fighters are also being ordered to carry out mass executions as Iraqi forces advance in the area.

Tens of thousands of families have been displaced due to the on-going battle that has already destroyed most of area, Express reported.

Source: Al Alam

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