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ISIS Set Mishraq Sulphur Plant Ablaze, Over 100 Casualties

Hundreds of persons in Mosul suffered from suffocation due to emission of poisonous gasses, after the members of the ISIS set fire to the Mishraq Sulphur plant on Thursday last week, before fleeing the city of Mosul, media outlets reported.

The Telegraph stated that the emitted gasses formed a toxic cloud, which includes deadly Sulphur dioxide and hydrogen sulphide, combined with residue from burning oil wells, which is a fatal cocktail for those caught in the open or without gas masks.

Deputy Manager of Nineveh Health Directorate, Layth Hababa, said in a press statement, The health center in Qayyarah area received more than 100 persons suffering from suffocation due to the emission of poisonous gasses, pointing out that, The casualties include pregnant women and children, but no deaths were recorded.

Last week, security forces managed to recapture Mishraq Sulphur plant, but the ISIS members set it ablaze before withdrawing from the area, as the latest step to defend the Caliphate headquarters, Mosul city.

Source: Al Alam

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