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ISIS Snipers Kill 15 Iraqi Kids Attempting to Flee Mosul

ISIS snipers killed 15 children while they were attempting to flee towards locations taken over by Iraqi security forces in Mosul, according to a security source.

ISIS snipers killed 15 kids belonging to Mosul refugees who were heading to security forces, the source told Alsumaria News, but did not clarify the time frame for the alleged killings.

ISIS gangs have used the most horrific means of killing with the migrating people of Mosul, targeting them with IEDs, sniping their children to prevent them from leaving town and using them as human shields, the source said.

Iraqi government forces have been successfully liberating several villages around Mosul as part of a wide-scale operation that launched mid-October to retake the city from ISIS. The forces commanders, while claiming daily victories, admit that the existence of civilians in the city, many of whom are reportedly used as human shields, have slowed down the pace of operations, Iraqi News reported.

Source: Al Alam

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