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ISIS Suicide Blast Killed & Injured Dozens in Syrian Town of Al Rai

A blast ripped through a street in the northern Syrian town of al-Rai on Sunday (November 27) in what was believed to be an Islamic State suicide bombing, with several deaths reported.

Security and hospital sources said 12 people were wounded, mostly children, and were taken to a hospital in nearby Turkey.

The town of al-Rai, which is 2 km (1 mile) south of Turkey's Kilis border province, is in an area under the control of Turkey-backed rebels and was seized from ISIS militants what Called in Ankara's "Euphrates Shield operation" launched in August.

Local sources said the explosion was caused by a vehicle-borne bomb which killed several people, according to Turkey's Dogan news agency.

The Turkey-backed rebels have for days been besieging the ISIS-controlled town of Al Bab, around 30 km south of Al Rai, as part of the three-month-old offensive to drive the "jihadists" (Terrorists ) away from the Syrian side of the Turkish border

Source: Al Alam

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