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ISIS Top Commander Killed in Knife Attack in Iraq’s Mosul City

Local security sources disclosed that unidentified men killed a senior ISIS commander in a knife attack in the center of the city of Mosul.

"An Afghan commander of the terrorist group has been stabbed dead by an unknown assailant as he was leaving an ISIS military base in al-Nasr region in Mosul city center," the Arabic-language media quoted an unnamed security source as saying on Sunday.

The source, meantime, said that the number of ISIL terrorists is decreasing as the Iraqi forces are heading towards Mosul city center.

In a relevant development in late November, local security sources disclosed that a senior Moroccan ISIL commander was gunned down by unknown assailants west of the city of Mosul.

"Unknown armed men killed ISIS commander while he was driving in his car in the town of Ba'aj West of Mosul city," the Arabic-language media outlets quoted an unnamed security source as saying.

The source noted that the slain ISIL commander had Moroccan nationality and was responsible for the execution of a large number of Izadi women and females in Mosul.

In a relevant development in mid-September, informed sources announced that the official spokesman of the ISIS terrorist group in Mosul in Northern Nineveh was shot dead by unknown attackers.

"ISIS Spokesman in Mosul Abu Isaac was driving his car in Central Mosul when a group of three gunmen ambushed him and opened fire on his car, killing Abu Isaac and two of his bodyguards," the sources said.

"Abu Isaac was transferred to the al-Adli hospital in Central Mosul, but he was already dead," they further added, FNA reported.

Source: Al Alam

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