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ISIS’s Secret Tunnels Hidden beneath Mosul

An abandoned ISIS tunnel in Erbil, Iraq, was found completely decked out with pre-fab walls, bedrooms, electricity and kitchens.

A series of intricate ISIS (ISIL, IS, Daesh) built tunnels containing living quarters have been discovered beneath Mosul as government forces drive the terror group from the Iraqi city.

Video taken by Kurdish fighters shows the hefty manpower that has gone into creating the web of underground rooms and passageways, linking to multiple exits both inside and outside the city.

Built for war, the tunnels have been reinforced to take the brunt of surface attacks while enabling ISIS terrorists to exit without warning, 9news reported.

The underground bunker in the video, one of many believed to be located in and around Mosul, is also built for comfort and contains electricity, lamps, fridges, water, food and medical supplies.

Some of the rooms even contain televisions, libraries and CCTV systems, enabling terrorists to monitor areas above ground.

The entrances to these bunkers are also booby-trapped, preventing allied terrorists from safely entering.

Source: Al Alam

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