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Islamic era works discovered in emergency probing operations

Emergency probing operations in Qomiabad village, between Rey and Qarchak in Tehran Province, led to the discovery of works most likely belonging to the early Islamic era, especially the Seljuk period.

The Public Relations Office of the Research Institute of Cultural and Tourism Heritage (RICHT) quoted Meysam Aliei, head of the exploration team in Qomiabad village, as saying that the small hill is located in a private property beside the main hill.

He noted that due to the construction works implemented inside the property, the emergency probing operation was put on the agenda.

He added that noticeable parts of the hill were destroyed and the remaining space was not that much expanded and for this reason with regard to the conditions of the hill and its separation from the main part, a number of boreholes were made on it.

According to the archeologist, exploration in the aforementioned hill led to the discovery of works most likely dating back to early Islamic period, Seljuk era in particular.

He further remarked that with the boreholes made in the area, specific clay works and glass objects as well as works in the form of detritus were discovered.

Referring to the works obtained from the hill, the head of the archeology team said that the mentioned part of the hill dates back to the early Islamic era although in the surface study of the main hill of the village which is located outside the private property, words belonging to the pre-Islamic period were also obtained.

In conclusion, he referred to the location of Qomiabad village between the cities of Rey and Qarchak and noted that with regard to the location of the main hill beside the area, exploration in the main hill and its application as well as determination of its limits and provision of appropriate conditions for the protection of the two hills, is an essential measure.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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