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Islamic resistance sole path to Palestinians’ victory: Iranian official

A senior Iranian official says resistance is the only path to the Palestinian people's victory against the Israeli regime.

Today, Palestine's supporters across the world believe that reliance on their own will and Islamic resistance are the only ways to [the Palestinians'] victory and the restoration of people's rights, Secretary of Iran's Supreme National Security Council (SNSC) Ali Shamkhani said in a meeting with Ramadan Abdullah Shalah, the head of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad movement, in Tehran on Saturday.

Any strategy other than the continuation of resistance against the infanticidal Zionist regime will be a move towards a mirage, he added.

He noted that support for the Palestinian cause and the liberation of (Jerusalem) al-Quds are the most important priorities of the Muslim world.

Any moves leading to deviation in the path of the fight against the Zionist regime [Israel], as the main threat to the Muslim world, will be regarded as betrayal of Muslims across the world, Shamkhani pointed out.

The SNSC secretary said the Israeli regime and some regional countries are strategic partners of terrorist and Takfiri groups.

He added that the Israeli regime and its allies provide the Takfiri terrorists with arms, financial and intelligence assistance and treat the injured terrorists as part of their measures to kill Muslims and intensify conflicts among Muslim countries.

Abdullah Shalah, for his part, said divisive policies in the Muslim world have diverted attention from the Palestinian issue and the restoration of the rights of the Palestinians.

He added that some Arab countries are making efforts to counter the Islamic Republic as an anchor of peace and stability in the region and are taking steps towards undermining the resistance front and are cooperating with enemies of the Muslim world.

Source: Press TV

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