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Islamic Revolution reflects people’s aspirations: Pakistan ex-envoy

Islamabad, Feb 4, IRNA - Former ambassador of Pakistan to Iran says that Islamic Revolution was a response of Iranian people to the authoritarian regime of Shah and the reason behind its success is that it reflects people's aspirations.

In an interview with the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA), Javid Husain said the 1979 Islamic Revolution played a very important role in the history of Iran and history of the Islamic World.

He noted that before theIslamic Revolution, inequality of wealth existed in the Iranian society and there was a wide difference between have and have nots.

The diplomat went on to say that over westernization of the Iranian society was also another reason for the Islamic Revolution.

The analyst was of the view that policies pursued by the authoritarian regime of Pahlavi in Iran had forced the people to start a revolt.

The Islamic Revolution reflected the aspirations of brotherly people of Iran for a better life and more Islamic way of life in their country, said Husain.

He added that the real spirit of the Islamic Revolution was wishes and aspirations of the people of Iran and that is why it is continuing and has been successful.

The former ambassador also said Iran and Pakistan have very close historical, cultural and political relationship and in coming years these ties would further deepen in different fields from strategic point of view to political point of view.

The analyst said there have some times when there were some misunderstandings in the bilateral ties 'but I think now there is a better understanding on both sides which is in the interest of the two countries.'

This would give greater strength to the bilateral cooperation in security, economic and commercial fields, he noted.

Husain said that recent exchange of high level delegations between Iran and Pakistan would further strengthen the process of improving and giving greater strength to Iran-Pakistan relations.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency � IRNA

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