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Islamic Revolution taught lesson of unity to entire world: Pak religious leader

Islamabad, Senior Pakistani politician and religious leader says Islamic Revolution of Iran was a unique revolution in the sense that it had taught lesson of unity and sacrifice to the world.

Talking to the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA), chairman of Tehrik-e-Islami Allama Syed Sajid Ali Naqvi congratulated Iranian nation and the government of Iran on the 39th anniversary of the Islamic Revolution and National Day of Iran.

Shia Ulema Council (S.U.C) chief added that the Islamic Revolution did not come through force but it was a public revolution, led by great Iranian leader Imam Khomeini.

Islamic Revolution had set different targets for the Iranian nation and today because of those principles the Iranian nation has achieved the status of respectable nation in the world, the Pakistani religious leader said.

Allama Naqvi strongly believed that Iranian nation has achieved its political and social objectives by following the path of Islamic Revolution.

He said that the Islamic Revolution of 1979 was a unique revolution which the world community had not seen before in its history.

Shia Ulema Council chief expressing his views said that the teachings of Imam Khomeini proved to be a beacon light for not only the Iranian nation but for the entire world.

He added that another purpose of Islamic Revolution was to bring unity and solidarity among the Muslims.

He added Imam Khomeini had once said that the enemy wants to create divide in the Muslim world by destroying the Islamic Revolution.

Allama Naqvi said that after the Islamic Revolution conspiracies were hatched to create misunderstandings in the Pakistan society about the Islamic Revolution but 'we defeated all the conspiracies by following the path of unity and solidarity shown by Imam Khomeini'.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency

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