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Islamic Revolution victory commemorated in Bucharest

BelgradeA ceremony to celebrate the 39th victory anniversary of the Islamic Revolution was held in Bucharest with the Romanian political, cultural and economic figures in attendance.

Iran's Ambassador to Romania Hamid Moayyer told the gathering that te Islamic Revolution has turned into a robust and fruitful tree despite intense windstorms and consecutive adversities.

'The Islamic Revolution was a public movement to negate local despotism and foreign dominance and administer justice, freedom and independence,' he said.

'Gaining real independence and establishing democracy are among major achievements of the Islamic Republic in the country,' he said.

Commenting on the valuable achievements of the Islamic Republic, he added that after the victory of the Islamic Revolution, Iran has held nearly 40 elections with massive turnouts, the latest of which saw 73 percent of public participation on May 19, 2017 presidentil election.

Hailing Iran's role in fighting terrorism, he said that Iran played a basic part in defeating the evil phenomenon and is still adhering its commitment to fight terrorism.

The Islamic Revolution ended Pahlavi rule in 1979 and established the Islamic Republic in the country.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency

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