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Israel: Hezbollah Winner of Election; Aoun: Occupied Lands Must be Freed

While President Aoun in his first speech after electing as country new president highlighted the importance of the resistance to liberating the Lebanese territories occupied by Israel, Israeli Media says Hezbollah is the Biggest Winner as Lebanon Elects Aoun President.

Israeli daily Israel Today said that the election of General Michel Aoun means that Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah is the 'biggest winner'.

The election of a Lebanese president or even designating a prime minister means nothing, the Israeli daily said, adding: what means is that (former PM) Saad al-Hariri bowed to decisions dictated by (Sayyed) Nasrallah, Al-Manar Reported.

"The white banner raised by Hariri and Saudi Arabia allows Nasrallah and the Iranians to impose their own agenda in Lebanon, according to Israel Today."

For its part, Israeli daily, Haaretz, said on Sunday that Hezbollah was satisfied with the recent developments because the internal accord weakens the Saudi role.

Haaretz quoted Israeli commentators as claiming that the presidential race in Lebanon has been a hand-to-hand combat between Iran and Saudi.

On the other hand, Ynet said that "General Micehl Aoun is bad news for Israel.

If Aoun was elected he will be the one to select the country's prime minister and dictate its foreign affairs; as far as Israel is concerned, this means quite a headache.

This will mean quite the headache: Iran will expand its foothold in Lebanon, no one will bother to demand that Hezbollah disarm and hand its weapons over to the state, and the the Saudis will be furious, as Israel's alert level concerning Lebanon will move one step up..

Source: Al Alam

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