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Israel should not find foothold in Africa: African figures

Tehran, Africa should prevent Israel from penetrating into the continent and African countries should support the Palestinian people, said the figures partaking a conference in support of Palestine that was held in Nouakchott, Mauritanian capital.

The Zionist regime of Israel has no rights in Palestine and everybody should stand against its plans in Palestine and other countries, especially African nations, stressed the delegations from 17 countries that along with representatives of Hamas took part in the event.

Africa should support Palestine to the end, said Mohammad Mahmud Walad Amat, Head of an institute for helping the people of Palestine.

Director of International Relations Office of Hamas Islamic Movement Osameh Hamdan, addressing the event, thanked the Mauritanian Government for helping the Palestinians, and described as valuable the move by Mauritania to cut political ties with Israel and expel its ambassador.

Hamadan also urged the Africans to defend the Holy Quds and Palestine more firmly and not to let Israel penetrate into Africa.

He also said that Hamas won't let 'the Deal of the Century' about Palestine be implemented and will counter any conspiracy.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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