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Israel waging psychological war to affect IranRussia ties

Tehran, Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Bahram Qasemi said that Israeli officials are used to waging psychological war and making use of media hype to influence IranRussia ties.

The Zionist officials make these claims to influence relations between Iran and Russia which have so far gained victories in Syria, Qasemi said in response to IRNA's reporter question on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu trip to Russia and establishing work group for drawing down military forces from Syria.

He added that Iran and Russia have strong ties and both sides are holding consultations.

Qasemi noted that Iran has no unit or military base in Syria and we have advisory presence.

Iran will stand by the Syrian government, people and military forces in fighting terrorism until Syria needs us, he reiterated.

In response to another question on the Atlantic magazine article and that Saudi Arabia is after creating tension in IranPakistan ties, Qasemi said the relations between Iran and Pakistan are very important and promoting cooperation with neighbors is Iran's foreign policy priority. 'These relations have enemies in the region and the world as well.'

In response to another question on the latest conditions of Iranian diplomat Asadollah Asadi in the Netherlands, he said investigations are underway.

Qasemi expressed the hope for the diplomatic and judiciary efforts to bring about good results.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency IRNA

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