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Israel’s military power questioned with its plane being shot down: Iranian diplomat

Tehran, After the 33-Day War (2006, Lebanon) and the 22-Day War (2009, Gaza) had already questioned the military capability of the Zionist regime, now it is once more questioned with Syria's shooting down the Israeli fighter, said a Foreign Ministry official on Tuesday.

'The Zionist regime had no other capabilities; they were suffering from legibility and identity crises and the only thing they had was the military power, which was questioned two times in the 33-Day and the 22-Day wars,' said Head of the Middle East and North Africa Desk Hamid-Reza Dehqani in the expert panel of 'Palestine and the Future Horizon' in Tehran.

For that matter, they were proud of their air force superiority that is now under question with their F-16 having been shot down, said Dehqani.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency

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