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Italian artist: Iranian cinema always searching for truth

Tehran, Italian famous film editor Roberto Perpignani said Iranian cinema is always searching for truth.

Perpignani made the remarks on the sidelines of the 36th Fajr International Film Festival which was held in Tehran recently.

The 36th Fajr International Film Festival, like the previous editions, organized several workshops with Iranian and international instructors which attracted wide audience and significant attention form the participants. Highly-motivated youth and students from across the world attended the workshops hoping to find a good platform to guide them towards a successful journey in cinema.

These workshops were held under various topics including film editing taught by the Italian famous film editor

Roberto Perpignani said students from Iran and world countries with wide range of professional, personal and educational backgrounds benefited from his fruitful information and experiences during his successful career path.

'I know Iran's cinema from Abbas Kiarostami's films and of course watching other movies, such as those produced by Babak Karimi, who is an Iranian film distributor in Italy,' he said.

'I came to Iran for the first time for the release of The Messenger of God by Majid Majidi, and this year the festival's organizers invited me to have a workshop. I accepted the offer with great honor,' he added.

Perpignani stated he would be delighted to come to Iran again next year for another exciting experience.

Fajr International Film Festival hosted a one-day editing workshop with Roberto Perpignani, who is an international professor of editing science and technique.

The workshop at the IRIB College was an intensive course in the art and technique of editing, a comprehensive jump-start for anyone serious about a career in post-production. The purpose was to help students develop the practical tools they need.

Perpignani said: 'You can elevate your reputation as a top editor if you have college education and devote time to film theory, if you have a dynamic vision, and if you have also worked with professionals. You should first learn the theory of this artistic job, gain experience by working with professionals, and edit with an insight and a dynamic vision.'

Commenting on the importance of having a dynamic vision, he said: 'The spirits of music, poetry, painting and color work together in the art of editing. An editor needs to be aware of that in order to create a beautiful, artistic work.'

The editor of Muhammad: The Messenger of God concluded by telling his students not to limit themselves to the boundaries of scientific knowledge: Instead, be creative, because creativity is primary requirement for editing. I've been in this business for 55 years, but I have never got tired of editing or teaching the craft to others. I constantly update myself in order to stay in the game and be relevant to younger generations.'

Roberto Perpignani, like many other special guests and jury members of FIFF, is decorated with festival awards and embodies a brilliant side of the history of cinema.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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