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Italy reiterates support for JCPOA

Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte on the eve of new round of US sanctions against Iran underlined the significance of maintaining and implementing the nuclear deal, saying, 'we will support JCPOA.'

Conte who is currently in India to attend an economic meeting told India Today that implementation of the nuclear deal can help improve regional and international security and strengthen mutual confidence.

Asked about reinstatement of US sanctions against Iran, he said that sanctions are instruments not objectives. Sanctions make sense when they lead to a political solution, but it cannot replace diplomatic solution.

He further noted that his country is seeking to find ways for maintaining nuclear deal and economic cooperationIRAN.

Meanwhile, Conte on the sidelines of the 73rd Meeting of United Nations General Assembly in New York underlined the importance of JCPOA, saying that nuclear deal with Iran should not be set aside.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency IRNA

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