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Jadidi hopes to gain Asian Wrestling Council seat

Abbas Jadidi met with Syrian Wrestling Federation officials, as a hopeful athlete as new member of Asian Wrestling Council on Sunday.

The Public Relations Office of the Asian Wrestling Council will meet on Apr 10, 2021 during Kazakhstan Asian Wrestling Competitions to decide about the seven new members of that council.

The Iranian Wrestling Federation has introduced Abbas Jalili as Iran’s representative in that elections to both gain a seat there and compete for the post of its secretary general.

To consult on the issue, Jalili has visited Syria to consult with Syrian wrestling officials on the matter.

On the outcomes of that visit, Jalili has told the Public Relations Office of the Iranian Wrestling Federation: I met and conferred with the head, secretary and the presiding board of the Syrian Wrestling Federation, as well as a group of elite Syrian wrestling coaches.

“I talked with the entire concerned Syrian wrestling officials, including the deputy heads of Syrian Olympics and Paralympics Committee. I also had talks with the head of the Syrian Armed Forces Sports Teams, who is also a member of the presiding board of the Syria Supreme Sports Council,” he added.

He said that the Syrian sports and wrestling officials formally promised to support Iran’s representatives in Asian Wrestling Council.

“The Syrians are very fond of wrestling, which is why the wrestling coaches from across Syrian came to Damascus and seeing their enthusiasm, I held two meetings with them and even participated in two training sessions in which I trained them some new techniques,” added Jalili.

The Iranian athlete said that on Monday, too, he is scheduled to meet the head of the Syrian Wrestling Committee to complete his talks for gaining a seat at the Asian Wrestling Council.

Jalili also noted that he has also paid homage to the graves of the Syrian athletes and laid flowers there for respect.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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