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Japan still talking to get exempt from Iran’s oil sanctions

Beijing, Japan's government is continuing its negotiations with the United States for exemption from oil embargo against Iran planned for November, according to a Japanese media outlet.

Officials from Japan Ministry of Commerce recently and on a number of occasions with the US officials have been discussing exemptions from sanctions, the Jiji News reported on Tuesday.

The report comes in the time that rumors have already been published in western media that Japan is likely to end its oil purchase from Iran in October.

Nevertheless, the Japanese media reported that the Japanese trade negotiators who negotiated with the United States on sanctions exemptions did not endorse the issue for not buying oil from Iran, and did not reveal details of the discussions.

According to the report, unlike media reports stating that Japan has stopped purchasing oil from Iran, no Japanese company has yet to comment on stopping purchases or making decisions for this purpose.

A spokeswoman for one of Japan's companies, also said, 'We are waiting for the Japanese government's decision to import oil from Iran and are not willing to disclose information about other oil traders in the country.'

Japan is heavily dependent on imports of crude from the Middle East. According to statistics, Tokyo has supplied nearly 5.3% of its oil from Iran in 2017.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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