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Japanese firms willing to import oil from Iran

Beijing, President of Petroleum Association of Japan Takashi Tsukioka called for continuation of oil imports from Iran and asked Japanese government to hold negotiations with the US government in order to be excluded from sanctions to purchase oil from Iran.

Takashi Tsukioka told reporters that Japan is poor in natural resources and strongly needs Iran's crude oil, as one of its suppliers.

He said this is illogical that Japan to be affected by the US sanctions, and called on Japanese government to ask US to exempt Japan from this prohibition.

Tsukioka said if Japanese government cannot convince the US until late September, the Japanese companies should purchase oil from other countries instead of Iran.

Following exit of the US from JCPOA , the US officials declared that Iranian crude oil purchasers should stop importing oil from Iran until November 4, 2018, otherwise will fall in the US secondary sanctions list.

The US secondary sanctions against Iran's crude oil purchasers, which is contrary to international trade, caused negative reaction of different countries and some countries asked to be exempted from it and a number of countries announced they will not obey the rule.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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