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JCPOA withdrawal indicates US unilateral strategies

Beijing, According to Chinese media, US acts against international agreements like withdrawal from Iran nuclear deal indicates the fact that the US is after blowing other countries to meet its unilateral strategies and interests.

US President Donald Trump is the vivid example of unilateralism, Global Times said, adding that he has breached many international agreements since he took office.

Violating the 2015 landmarks deal, the US pullout of Paris Agreement, UNESCO and also Trans-Pacific Partnership are among the US unilateral moves, Global Times added.

US is now threatening to exit UN and NATO, the media reiterated.

Despite the fact that the US is trying to avoid a trade war with Europe, but its approach towards nuclear deal, as well as the policy taken by Trump against Russia, has resulted in challenging ties with Europe.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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