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Jewish leader: Liberating Quds needs collective effort

Tehran, Religious leader of Iranian Jews described the city of Quds as one of the main points in common among the monotheistic religions and the center of the global attentions, saying that liberating the holy city requires collective efforts.

'The Jewish community in Iran along with other groups of Iranian people considers participating in Quds Day rally as its responsibility with regard to national unity, to declare its stance against the Zionist regime of Israel and the occupiers,' Jewish Rabbi Younes Hamami Lalehzar told Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA).

He said that the future of regional and international peace depends on the peaceful coexistence of the followers of Abrahamic religions, as Quds is regarded a cradle of all these religions and cultures.

'Liberating Quds from the occupiers requires collective efforts,' he said.

No doubt the stance of religious minorities on Quds is shared with the Muslims, as we see the territory as the capital of peace among religions, he noted.

The sustainable peace is only achievable through dialogue, peaceful coexistence and respecting other people's rights and dignity, the Jewish leader said.

'On Quds Day, we will declare our solidarity with other people in Iran and across the world in supporting the oppressed people in Palestine and in other parts of the world,' he emphasized.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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