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John Bolton causing TrumpKim summit fail: Analyst

New York, US National Security Advisor John Bolton's opposition made the US and North Korea talks fail in Vietnam, a senior fellow at the Atlantic Council says.

'The division within the Trump administration is wellknown,' Barbara Slavin told the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) on phone, adding, John Bolton is the national security advisor and he is a hawk on North Korea and Iran. I'm sure he has held the line against any kind of an agreement that looks like they are caving in to the North Koreans.

She said that North Korea was not also prepared to concede to all the US demands like closing down a new uranium facility that North Koreans haven't acknowledged, but the US knows this information through its intelligence means'. Slavin stressed that Pyongyang is refusing to give a complete account of all its nuclear facilities and materials.

The analyst also mentioned that lack of preparation played a big role in making the talks in Vietnam fall apart. One of the reasons was that there wasn't sufficient preparatory work done, arms control treaty requires a lot of preparation, she noted.

Why didn't they know all that beforehand? Why did they have to go all the way to Vietnam to show that? she asked rhetorically.

US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jongun met in the Vietnamese capital Hanoi late February, but the summit collapsed unexpectedly.

Slavin criticizes the US State Department for not weighing the ground before 'going all the way down to Vietnam' to show their disagreement. 'It's a problem for all the national security apparatus which is not working very well. I think the president wanted it, but the preparation wasn't sufficient, she stressed in the telephone interview.

'North Korea has been resisting to give up its entire nuclear program while requesting the lifting of all sanctions on the country. The Atlantic Coucil's analyst doubts that North Korea would ever give up its nuclear program. I think this is a type of regime that doesn't trust the rest of the world obviously for good reason. The notion that they were going to completely give up their nuclear program was probably naive, she said.

I think the best you are going to get with North Korea will be an arms control agreement where they agree not to produce any more nuclear weapons, agree to allow inspection, Slavin told IRNA. She called challenging the US request on Pyongyang to annihilate all its atomic activities.

There are no diplomatic relationships between the two countries that are because of the people like Bolton in previous US administrations.

I think there have been opportunities to seize during the past administrations such as Clinton or George W Bush when the North Koreans wanted to have diplomatic relations with the states, economic aid,.. there weren't also this enormous layer of these sanctions that we have now, the expert on East Asia affairs said.

She goes on to put the blame on internal problems and divisions between North Korea hawks and more moderate figures in the US governments. I look back and I see the real mistakes that have been made by the people like John Bolton of the time, they dream of having this situation unfavourable, Slavin added. It's really their own damn fault where we are now, she regretted.

Barbara Slavin,director of the Future of Iran Initiative at the Atlantic Council, believes that neither Trump nor John Bolton or Pompeo are looking for a new deal with Iran after the US President unilaterally walked out of the 2015 international nuclear agreement with Iran. She believes it's all propaganda to disguise their real objective which is regime change.

He made a terrible mistake leaving the Iran nuclear deal and that they're not going to get a better deal not from Iran and certainly not from North Korea. There is no mystery about that, it was a mistake, the foreign policy expert told IRNA.

I think they want to weaken Iran and maintain sanctions. I think they're bringing in a regime change, added Slavin.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency IRNA

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