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Joint working group of cooperation between Iran, Mongolia to be formed

Beijing, The ministers of agriculture of Iran and Mongolia, while emphasizing the two countries' capacities for developing bilateral relations, have agreed to form a highranking joint working group to determine the roadmap for effective mutual cooperation.

Mahmoud Hojjati, the Agriculture Jihad Minister of the Islamic Republic of Iran, arrived in Mongolia on Monday, conferred with Mongolian Minister of Food, Agriculture and Light Industry Choltmen Olan in the capital, Ulan Bator.

The two sides emphasized the political will of the two countries' officials and the increase in the exchange of official delegations between the two countries as an important milestone in promoting bilateral relations and in its continuation and increase.

At the meeting, the ministers of agriculture of the two countries also exchanged views on the development of traderelated bilateral relations and increased agricultural exports.

At the end of the meeting, the heads of the veterinary services agencies of the two countries signed a mutual cooperation agreement on the international animal health requirements between the two countries, which is an important step for the development of cooperation in this regard.

Iran's Minister of Agriculture Jihad had previously traveled to Mongolia in January 2015. Mongolia with five million square meters and a population of three million, has 70 million animals.

Since Mongolian President's visit to Iran in 2012, strong will has been created to develop relations between the two countries.

This is year is the 48th year of establishing a friendly relationship between Iran and Mongolia.

The Minister of Agricultural Jihad is expected to travel to China after Mongolia.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency IRNA

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