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Kabul calls for Iran’s cooperation to fight terrorism

Kabul, In a meeting with Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister Abbas Araqchi, Chief Executive of Afghanistan Abdullah Abdullah urged Iran to cooperate with Afghanistan in fighting terrorism.

'With Iran's good faith, some work has been done on the Iran-Afghanistan comprehensive cooperation document and the five committees,' said Abdullah Abdullah in Kabul on Tuesday.

Iranian deputy foreign minister arrived in Kabul on Tuesday and discussed important economic and political issues with Abdullah Abdullah in Sepidar Palace.

Saying that the trilateral meeting between Iran, India and Afghanistan that is scheduled for Tuesday is important, he hoped that the event will pave the way for opportunities for people and investment.

Araqchi said three of the five committees have finalized their job in achieving the Iran-Afghanistan comprehensive cooperation document.

He said the other two committees have a short way to go to finalize their attempts.

Araqchi said Iran's policy on Afghanistan is based on national sovereignty and cooperation between governments and the country is ready to support the Afghan government to safeguard its national unity and provide peace, stability and security.

'Iran regards Afghanistan's security as its own, so there should be more cooperation between the two countries in fighting Daesh,' said Araqchi.

He said the worth of commerce between Iran and Afghanistan is about three billion dollars.

The two officials discussed issues like fighting terrorism, fighting production and trafficking of narcotics, water crisis, Iran nuclear deal, and the immigrants.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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