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Kharazi: others responsible for current situation

Tehran, Head of Iran's Strategic Council on Foreign Relations (SCFR) Kamal Kharraz noted that based on the right that JCPOA have given Iran, Tehran has reduced some of the commitments, so others are responsible for the current situation.

Seyyed Kamal Kharrazi said on Sunday evening after meeting with the Chinese Communist Party's Minister of Foreign Affairs Sang Tao held at the venue of the Strategic Council for Foreign Relations, We discussed the issue of the JCPOA and explained that we are always adhering to the promises we have given. We waited a year, but when we saw that Europeans did not take any steps to fulfill their commitments, we lowered some of the commitments on the basis of the right that the JCPOA has given us so that others are responsible for the current situation.

The head of SCFR noted that we will do everything for the security of our country and will stand against the aggression of foreigners, and basically the Iranians do not have the morale of surrender and humiliation, and is prepared to endure the difficult conditions, but it is never willing the others to humiliate it.

We are decisive in realizing our rights and maintaining the security and stability of the country and the region, he said.

In response to another question about Iran's third deadline and whether the Europeans can take action over this period, he said, Europeans must stand against the US humiliating attitude.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency IRNA

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