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Kharrazi: Europe should defend dignity against US

Madrid, Head of Iran's Strategic Council on Foreign Relations Kamal Kharrazi said on Friday that Europe should defend its security and independence against US' unilateral policies.

In an interview with Hispan TV, Kharrazi condemned US policy of unilateralism, saying that the entire world worries about it, as even the EU has made its concern clear in this respect.

He further noted that despite US sanctions since the onset of the Islamic Revolution, the Islamic Republic has managed to continue its life without being affected by sanctions.

As to US threats to prevent foreign companies' investment in Iran, Kharrazi said that companies working with the US are under threat but the EU can devise a mechanism for its firms which do not have more relations with the US to continue their operations in Iran.

Asked how the EU can withstand the US pressures, he said that EU should activate it blocking statute for the firms suffering losses from the sanctions.

He also criticized US withdrawal from UN Human Rights Council, he said that human rights from the viewpoint of the Americans is a political instrument for backing the Zionist regime's crimes.

This reveals that the US never believes in human rights, Kharrazi said, wondering how the US can speak of human rights while keeping mum on the massacre of Palestinians and Yemenis.

Kharrazi also hailed Iran-Spain ties as historic and desirable, saying that Spain is a neighbor of Middle East and it has more understanding bout regional states including Iran.

Future of Iran's ties with the EU depends on its decision on the JCPOA, Kharrazi said.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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