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Khuzestan to remain Iran’s ‘son’: Senior official

Ahvaz, Separation of Khuzestan from Iran is a dream that will never come true, a senior Iranian official said on Monday.

'The enemies are well advised to know that Khuzestan will remain the son of the Islamic Iran for ever, as no child can be separated from his mother,' Secretary of Iran's Expediency Council Major General Mohsen Rezaei said at the funeral procession of those who were killed in a terrorist attack in the capital city of Khuzestan Province, Ahvaz.

The US and Israel started their propaganda campaign several months ago resorting to economic problems to incite popular protest against the country and its security, he said, but their attempts went aborted.

Different ethnic groups of Khuzestan Province have already proved their loyalty to Islamic Republic, Rezaei said.

'Khuzestan without Iran and Iran without Khuzestan will have no identity,' he said.

The terrorist attack targeted Saturday a military parade and the civilian bystanders in the southwestern city of Ahvaz. Twenty-five people, including children, were killed and some 60 people were shot and injured by the terrorists.

A group, calling itself al-Ahwazieh, has claimed the responsibility of the attack.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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