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Khuzestan’s great potential for participation in economic projects in Iraq, Syria and Lebanon

Ahvaz, Member of the Expediency Council stressing the development of economic relations of the country, said that, in view of Khuzestan's experiences in war conditions, the province have a lot of potential for implementation of economic projects in Iraq, Syria and Lebanon.

Ali Aqa Mohammadi said on Thursday at the Khuzestan Agricultural Council that Khuzestan suffered a lot in the war and that many agriculture and industry areas of this province were closed down during the war and a lot of people were wandering, so today Khuzestan has the right to have serious participation In Iraq, Syria and Lebanon.

He argued that the United States has begun an allout economic war against Iran, emphasizing that in this period, like the imposed war, we will definitely make Iran economically independent.

Aqa Mohammadi called a 550,000hectare farm plan to counteract the economic war as a major jihadist campaign, adding, 'Now there is an opportunity for us, and we need to use this inconceivable opportunity.'

He made the remark that in addition to agriculture, the existing capacities in all fields should be used to counteract the economic war, which Khuzestan steel sector also started its work and achieved good results.

Referring to the presidential trip to Iraq, Aqa Mohammadi highlighted, 'This trip has had good results, and the Minister of Energy has concluded good agreements that must be taken seriously in order to work in Iraq, Syria and Lebanon.'

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency IRNA

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