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Kiarostami’s impact on art to be highlighted in documentary

Tehran, The impact of the late Iranian auteur Abbas Kiarostami, a winner of Palme d'Or, on contemporary Iranian art will be the subject of a documentary titled 'Along with the Wind' which is to be directed by Mehdi Shadizadeh.

Sponsored by Mehdi Sharifi, the documentary is currently in the pre-production stage for display at Art and Experimental Cinema section.

Iranian artistic and cultural figures will talk about the late director's footprint in Iranian art.

In this document, Iranian painter and scholar will discuss the celebrated Iranian auteur Kiarostami and director as the most famous Iranian artist after the Persian poet Ommar Khayyam.

Shadizadeh said that Kiarostami's art has expanded and he was not only a director but also an expert in other artistic field such as painting and taking photography.

Kiarostami, who directed 'Certified Copy', 'Taste of Cherry', 'Through the Olive Trees' and 'Where Is Friend's Home', died in July 2016.

Source: Iran Daily

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