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Kurdestan mineral springs, a good tourism potential

Tehran, Kurdestan Province in western Iran has several mineral water springs which draw numerous tourists who seek to treat their diseases. Bijar in western Kurdestan Province has sulfur springs.

Also one of the most famous springs is Baba Gorgor which is located 18km to the northwest of Qorveh in Baba Gorgor Village.

Mineral water which contains carbonic gas is good for asthma, dyspepsia, rickets, and osteitis.

Baba Gorgor Spring has drawn over 30,000 Iranian tourists this year though good management and proper publicity � creating jobs for local youth and boosting the local economy.

Pir-e Saleh hot spring, with its bitter tasting water, in Qeshlaqlu Village near Bijar is considered beneficial to those suffering from rheumatism.

Head of Bijar Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Department said there are two sulfur springs in the city: Pir-e Saleh and Bashuki hot springs.

Ebrahim Elyasvand added that local people suffering from certain ailments come to the sulfur spring of Bashuki Village to treat their diseases.

Bijar � with 89,000 populations � has a history of 8,000 years.

Kurdestan Province's capital city is Sanandaj while other major cities are Baneh, Bijar, Divandarreh, Qorveh, Kamyaran, Marivan and Saqqez.

The province, in which mountains and hills are predominant, has many rivers, lakes, natural glaciers and caves which make the scenery rather picturesque.

Consequently, Kurdestan has always attracted a large number of tourists and fans of mountaineering, skiing and water-sports.

Zarivar Lake is the most beautiful waters of the province which lies at the foot to high mountains, providing a delightfully picturesque sight. Its water is sparkingly fresh.

Kereftoo Cave � close to Divandarreh � is a unique natural and at the same time archeological site. Within the cave, there are a number of ancient structures known as the Temple of Heraclius.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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