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Kurdish-Backed SDC Holds Talks With Syrian Government

A delegation of the Kurdish-backed Syrian Democratic Council (SDC) and U.S.-backed Syrian Democratic Forced (SDF) is in Syria for talks with Syrian government officials, an alliance official said on Friday.

The delegation arrived in Damascus two days ago, SDC co-chair Riad Darar said, adding that Kurdish authorities are working towards a settlement for northern Syria.

This is the first SDC's declared visit to Syria's capital, which indicates the interest of Kurdish authorities to open channels of communication with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad as they seek a political accord to preserves their region's autonomy within Syria.

The meetings were expected to primarily discuss services in the Kurdish-controlled areas, but Darar said the delegation had no set agenda and the talks might expand to include political and security issues.

The Kurdish authorities, which control about one quarter of Syria, have avoided conflict with Assad during the seven-year-long war and at times have fought common foes, including rebels that government forces are gradually crushing with help from Russia and Iran.

Source: Voice of America

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