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Kurdish Peshmerga Forces Liberate Village near Mosul, Escaped Family Speak of ISIS Abuse

Kurdish peshmerga forces have expelled ISIS militants from the village of Abu Jarboa, northeast of Mosul, as a family from the village speak of lashings from the terrorist group.

A man from the village of Abu Jarboa Farhan Kathem saying: "We are from the village of Abu Jarboa. The peshmerga forces liberated the area. The situation was terrible when we were under Daesh, they would force (women) to cover their faces and men to wear a beard. If you do not have a beard you will be punished with lashes. When we decided to leave (the village) we put up a white flag and were received by the peshmerga and Kurdish forces, they treated us well. There are many families in the village. When the planes hit the village, families were hurt because Daesh use civilians as human shields."

Peshmerga soldier and brigadier Sayed Hazar saying: "We received several families from the village. A family came to us, we treated them with respect, and we will send them to safe areas. They left the village of Abu Jarboa but we don't know how many people are left in the village."

Tuesday was the ninth day of the offensive to conquer Mosul, launched by the Iraqi forces and Kurdish military forces "Peshmerga", which aims to expel the ISIS militants out of Mosul thoroughly.

Source: Al Alam

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