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Kurdish SDF Fighters Retake Key Village in ISIS-Stronghold Raqqa Province

The predominantly Kurdish-dominated Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) continued their operations in Raqqa province and managed to take control of another strategic village from ISIS.

The SDF captured Khaniz village located 28 kilometers from Qantara on the 12th day of their Raqqa military operation.

The Kurdish forces also seized an arms and ammunition depot of ISIL as well as a number of its military vehicles after taking control of Khaniz village.

On Wednesday, Kurdish forces also continued to advance against the ISIL North of Raqqa, recapturing 25 square kilometers more lands in the region

The SDF announced on Tuesday that they drove ISIS out of over 550 square kilometers of land in the province of Raqqa in Northern Syria in the first 10 days of their offensive to capture the self-proclaimed capital of the terrorist group

"In the first phase of the Euphrates Rage Operation, which started from the two flanks of Ein Issa and Solouk North of Raqqa on November 5, the SDF captured over 550 sq/km of Raqqa in 10 days," Jeihan Sheikh Ahmad, the spokesman of 'The Euphrates Rage Operation' room said.

"34 villages, 31 farms, seven strategic hills and two water and power stations have been captured by the SDF in the operation," Sheikh Ahmad said, adding that over 167 ISIS terrorists have also been killed in the assault so far, FNA reported.

Source: Al Alam

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