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Larijani blames US exit from JCPOA for int’l disorder

Qom, Majlis Speaker Ali Larijani late Thursday lambasted US withdrawal from Iran nuclear deal, saying that the US move created international disorder.

Addressing a ceremony celebrating increase in output capacity of Qom West Asia Steel Production Company to 40 tons per month, he added that after US withdrawal from the JCPOA, European states recognized Iran's right to do the same but they called on Iran to stay in the deal, as they would provide necessary economic conditions for the country.

Although Iran did not accept EU's demands fully but it did not reject it either, he said, noting that the government did not ruled out the demand in order to avoid economic pressures on the public.

Although we had doubt about EU's capability in this respect, we put the issue on hold for months to think about necessary arrangements, he said.

We aimed to use Iran's diplomatic capacities and ease conditions for economic exchanges for the industrialists and producers, he said, noting that they have given promises to Iran in the fields of banking, oil and production but it is not clear to what extent they will remain committed to their pledges.

Of course, the chance for talks with the Europeans should be seized, as the Supreme Leader has ordered to continue talks but we can't sit idle and wait for them.

Referring to the problems in the way of investment in the country, Larijani said that cumbersome regulations such as issuance of numerous circulars should be eliminated.

He also appreciated the Qom governor general for commissioning the biggest private steel sheet producing unit in the country.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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