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Larijani: Iran resisting US pressures

Tehran, Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani in a meeting with the head of the Foreign Affairs Commission of the Serbian parliament stressed that the Americans are seeking to exert pressure on Iran by intensifying sanctions, but Iranians will resist the pressures.

In the meeting with Serbia's Foreign Affairs Commission chairman Jarco Obradovic, Larijani said on Wednesday morning that the USdominated countries do not have a good fate and will pay a great deal in the longrun, saying that the morale of Serbia's independence is attractive to Iran.

Referring to the American pressure on Iran, the Speaker of the Parliament highlighted, "The Americans even undermined the nuclear agreement signed by them, and they are pushing for double sanctions, but the Iranians will resist these pressures."

Stating that the political relationship between Iran and Serbia is at a high level, the highranking official noted, "The economic relations between the two countries are not widespread and at a low level unfortunately, but we can use each other's potential in the economic sphere."

Referring to the development of parliamentary relations between Iran and Serbia, Jarco Obradovic said, "The parliamentary and political cooperation between the two countries is high, but in the economic sphere, the level of cooperation must be developed."

The Serbian MP stressed that Serbia is seeking to increase its economic cooperation with Iran, saying that it would be possible to expand economic relations in all areas by establishing companies in thirdparty companies.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency IRNA

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