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Latest ISIS Propaganda: Baghdadi Says Sham Battalion Arrived to Mosul

ISIS's Al-Sham Battalion from the Syrian city of Raqqa reportedly reached to Iraqi Province of Nineveh's capital Mosul in order to support the other terrorists of the caliphate state against Iraqi security forces.

Local Iraqi Al Sumaria News quoted from ISIS media channels.

Experts say the main goal of reporting arrival of arrival of al-Sham battalion is propaganda and ISIS tries to raise the collapsed morale of its fighters in Mosul, Iraqi media outlets reported on Thursday.

It is also reported that the members of the battalion are masked, wear distinctive uniforms and speak with an Iraqi accent, which raised doubts that the battalion is just a play made by Baghdadi to persuade his terrorists that reinforcements will arrive to support them after many of them fled from Mosul.

Source: Al Alam

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