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Launching a marine passenger line between Iran and Pakistan

During his visit to Chabahar port, Rahim Hayat Qureshi expressed his satisfaction with the possibility of transferring goods through Shahid Beheshti port of Chabahar to Karachi, and specified: This trend can be developed by strengthening the interactions between the two countries. Decisions have also been made to expand maritime rescue cooperation, and a memorandum of understanding will be signed soon.

in order to develop cooperation between Iran and Pakistan, a joint marine passenger line will be launched; and we hope that this will enter the implementation phase quickly,Pakistan's ambassador to Iran stated.

in the meeting ,Behrooz Aghaei; The Director General of Ports and Maritime Affairs of Sistan and Baluchestan also expressed: Strengthening the ties between countries and mutual cooperation is one of the missions of Chabahar port and all countries can operate and invest in this port without any restrictions. Establishment of joint maritime search and rescue centers between the west coast of Chabahar and Pakistan is essential in order to improve maritime safety, prevent possible accidents and create a suitable platform for providing higher quality and quantity services.

Source: Ports & Maritime Organization

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