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Leader urges parliament’s independence in anti-terror fight

Tehran, Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei said on Wednesday that parliament should set new legislations to fight terrorism and money laundering.

The Supreme Leader made the remarks in a meeting with parliament representatives on Wednesday.

The parliament representatives should pay due attention to the country's priorities such as removing the problems of the low-income class of society as well as the middle classes, avoid being impressed by western views, remain committed to the principles of the revolution and avoid a luxury life, the Supreme Leader said.

God's satisfaction lies in the real rendering of services to the people, the Supreme leader said.

Lauding the report delivered by Majlis speaker, the Supreme Leader said qualitative index such as number of ratifications in Majlis are not enough, but the weight of such bills should be seen in the country's developments and removing people's demands and shortcomings, the Supreme Leader said.

Majlis (Iranian Parliament) should not be a symbol of doubt, desperation, inferiority complex, and indifference about domestic issues; it should not either be hopeless about national capabilities, said Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution on Wednesday.

'Imam Khomeini said that Majlis is the 'gist of the nation's virtue'; pay attention that he didn't say the gist of the nation's characteristics,' said Ayatollah Seyyed Khamenei in a meeting with the parliamentarians and Majlis staff.

Ayatollah Khamenei added that the Iranian people have been a symbol of faith, science, self-confidence, and pride in what they have, and the symbol of persistence throughout history.

He also said that unfortunately, the Iranian youth don't read history enough.

The leader also said that the Seljuk Turks invaded Iran; they not only got dissolved in the Iranian civilization, but they turned into the promoters of the Iranian culture. Even the Mongols couldn't impose their culture on Iranians.

'In our era, it has been 40 years that the strongest animosities have been practiced against Iran; they have done whatever they could: war, sanctions, and security conspiracies.'

He said if one compares the era before with the one after the Islamic Revolution, they can see how Iranians have changed in authority, science, glory and presence in international arenas.

Parliament's main responsibility is to set legislation and prepare grounds for sound implementation of such rules, the Supreme Leader underlined.

The country's top priorities and ignoring minor issues should be on the agenda, Ayatollah Khamenei said.

'You have four year time to serve the nation and you should not lose any second, ' the Supreme Leader said.

Practicality of legislation and avoiding issues against the country's expediency should also be heeded by the lawmakers, the Supreme Leader said.

On international conventions and treaties, the Supreme Leader said they are masterminded in the think-thanks of big powers to meet their interests and expediencies and then through joining of pro-governments or intimating them, they will change into an international appearance in a way that if an independent country such as Iran dears to reject it, they will put pressure on it saying that why you reject it while some 150 countries have admitted it.

Majlis is mature and should be quite independent in setting legislations such as fight against terrorism or money laundering, the Supreme Leader underlined.

Some parts of these international treaties might be good, but there is no need to join to such treaties under such assumption which 'we have no knowledge' of their depth or their problems, the Supreme Leader said.

In your legislations, Majlis representatives should mind real people problems, Ayatollah Khamenei said.

Western life style runs counter to dignity of families and has created numerous problems for them, therefore in family legislations you should avoid western outlook towards women, children, father and mother, Ayatollah Khamenei said.

Country's economic problems should be on the agenda, underlined the Supreme Leader.

The three branches of governments should deal with the country's economic problems and never let enemies to take fish from troubled waters, Ayatollah Khamenei added.

The Supreme Leader also advised officials to avoid luxury life which brings negative consequences for the country.

Referring to Inherent whimsy of international bullying powers, the Supreme Leader said watching TV images on separating children from their mothers in the US are very regrettable, but the Americans do it willingly.

Referring to the crime and atrocities of some countries through taking advantage of advanced weapons to take a port from the oppressed Yemeni people is another sample of inherent whimsy of arrogant powers, the Supreme Leader said.

These enemies are at odds with Iran due to its resistance and justice seeking with the Iranian nation with reliance on almighty will overcome the US and other enemies, the Supreme Leader said.

The Iranian nation now finds that these criminals are not trustable and no one can rely on their pledges any longer, the Supreme Leader said.

The enemies of Iranian nation are bullying and blackmailing nations, but the Iranian officials and nation never yield against them, the Supreme Leader said.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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