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Lebanese parliament Speaker: Not Iran but Zionist regime main enemy in region

Tehran, Lebanese parliament Speaker Nabih Berri underlined that Iran is not the main enemy in the region.

Addressing the Arab states at a meeting of the Arab Interparliamentary Union in Jordan, Berri warned them against plots in the region to ignore the issue of Palestine.

'Some are seeking to introduce Iran as the main enemy in the region, which is not true,' the Lebanese parliament speaker said.

Lebanese newspaper AnNahar wrote Monday that Nabih Berri warned that there was a conspiracy to overlook the Zionist regime as the main enemy and threat for the region, and said, 'There are conspiracies in the region to bring us into a problem that includes a comprehensive and just peace in favor of the unity of the Arab countries of the region, including Syria and Iraq.'

Berri noted that the attempts to continue the current situation in Iraq and Syria are also within the framework of their attempt to replace the enemy. 'At the Warsaw conference, they tried to replace Iran with the current and actual enemy of the region.'

Stressing the importance and the need for Arab unity, the Lebanese parliament speaker reiterated, 'We, as members of the parliaments of the Arab countries, cannot be held accountable for the Palestinian issue, while at the same time they are isolating Syria and placing barriers between them.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency IRNA

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