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Lebanon: Airstrike on Syria sheer aggression on its sovereignty

Beirut, The Lebanese Foreign Ministry has condemned the tripartite aggression on Syria.

The recent airstrikes by US, UK and France on Syria was breach of international regulations, Lebanese Foreign Ministry said.

It is worthwhile for the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) to carry out a transparent international investigation before any international attack, and then to issue a legitimate resolution through international bodies.

The Lebanese Foreign Ministry also underlined Lebanon's principled position against chemical weapons.

The statement also emphasized the prohibition of the use and possession of weapons of mass destruction, especially for the Israeli nuclear weapons, and called for a ban on using them in military conflicts.

Meanwhile, Lebanese Defense Ministry protested against violation of its air space in the recent attack.

The Defense Minister of Lebanon Yacoub Sarraf said the aggression relies on military force, while the language of peace, logic, and dialogue must be used to avoid war, crisis, killing and bloodshed.

The US is reported to have targeted some military installations in eastern Damascus.

The US attack on a military base in Homs, western Syria injured 3 civilians, Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) earlier reported.

US, UK, France targeted Syria with 110 missiles, The General Command of the Syrian Army earlier announced.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency IRNA

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