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Lebanon government to resume work soon: Politician

Beirut� The government of Lebanon is expected to start work soon, said a Lebanese politician, referring to recent consultations between the country's president and political parties as well as Saad Hariri's decision to step back from resignation.

While in Italy, Lebanese President Michel Aoun was quoted as saying by the Italian media on Wednesday that Hariri will 'certainly' remain prime minister and the country's political crisis 'will be resolved definitively in a few days.'

During a recent exclusive interview with the Islamic Republic News Agency, Elie Ferzli former deputy speaker of the Lebanese parliament, said that undoubtedly the government will resume its normal activities very soon.

'Some special and limited changes are likely, but it will resume its job,' Ferzli added.

'All of us know that the compromise between President Aoun and Hariri was aimed at protecting the country against regional disputes and to stop conflicts in the region spill over into Lebanon,' he said.

Even [Secretary General of Hezbollah] Sayed Hassan Nasrallah warned against any foreign interventions in the country, he said.

The former deputy speaker of the Lebanese parliament went on to say that the recent situation faced by the country paved the way for a possible development of a plot.

But both Nasrallah and Aoun do not want to let Lebanon turn into a battlefield of foreign forces, Ferzli said.

'The main factor in maintaining stability in Lebanon is managing an appropriate balance of power among various groups and factions in the country,' the Lebanese politician said.

He also warned that the losing parties are likely to embark on activities that will put in danger Lebanon's security and please the Zionist regime.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency

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