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Leftover IED goes off in Quneitra countryside, kills one

Tehran, A civilian was killed when an improvised explosive device that terrorists left behind went off in Qunietra southern countryside, SANA reported.

The blast which claimed a civilian life occurred in Ghadeer al-Bustan village in the province's southern countryside, according to SANA reporter in Quneitra .

Terrorist organizations littered the main roads and roadsides with IEDs before they were defeated in an attempt to block the army's advance. Leftover IED blasts have killed a number of civilians and injured others.

On July 24, Syrian army units recovered Ghadeer al-Bustan village in Qunietra southern countryside from terrorists' control after expelling the last terrorist gatherings from the village and a string of towns and villages on the administrative border between Daraa and Quneitra countryside.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA

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