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London EasyHotel to open branches in Iran

Tehran, July 17, IRNA- According to Business Insider website EasyHotel Company is to open branches in Iran in the post-JCPOA era.

EasyHotel has announced plans to open branches in Iran and Sri Lanka, with an anticipated 500 rooms in Iran alone, Business Insider reported.

'EasyHotel has made good progress over the last year against its plans for the international expansion of the brand,' Business Insider quoted CEO of EasyHotel Guy Parsons.

EasyHotel's core markets are the UK and Europe and it currently owns five hotels in the UK, with an additional 20 franchised hotels in the UK and abroad, including in Dubai and Kathmandu. It hopes to expand into 'exiting new markets,' said Parsons, and has1, 936 rooms in development.

Iran tourism income had growth in post-sanction era and it reached about eight billion dollars in 2016, According to World Tourism Organization (UNWTO).

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency

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