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Loss of Lands, 260 to 500 Casualties; Jaish Al Fatah Gains in Aleppo

Jaysh Al-Fateh have suffered 260 casualties in the western suburbs of Aleppo since the beginning of their offensive against the government forces after short time truce in Aleppo, the London Based opposition group called "Syrian Observatory for Human Rights" reported on Saturday.

Other estimates from pro-government sources put the terrorist death toll in west Aleppo as high as 500.

In other hand by Syrian army capturing many sites of Jaish al fatah terrorists the impact of territorial losses will be felt in the coming weeks, as the Syrian Arab Army and Hezbollah turn their attention to the southern countryside of the province, AMN reported.

According to a Syrian military source in Aleppo, Hezbollah is preparing a major operation near Khan Touman to expel the remaining Jaysh Al-Fateh militants positioned along the Aleppo Damascus Highway (M-5 Highway).

With Jaysh Al-Fateh on the run, syrian forces will attempt to recover several villages and hilltops.

Source: Al Alam

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