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Macron urges EU to defend firms doing business with Iran

Tehran, French President Emmanuel Macron on Thursday urged the European Union to protect EU companies doing business with Iran.

Commenting on the deal between French oil giant Total and Iran, Macron said that it was up to the firm to stay in the deal or pull out of it in the face of the US sanctions.

The comments come after the US pulled out of the nuclear deal with Iran and said that economic sanctions will be reimposed on the country.

Iran and the major world powers in 2015 signed the nuclear agreement under which Tehran agreed to curb its nuclear program in exchange for economic sanctions relief.

However, Macron called on the EU to stand by those companies that decide to continue business with Iran, according to a report by Reuters.

International companies with interests in many countries make their own choices according to their own interests. They should continue to have this freedom, he said.

He also said that France has agreed to proposals by the European Commission to defend European companies against US sanctions.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency

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