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Macron: US withdrawal from JCPOA detrimental to EU firms

Tehran, French President Emanuel Macron ruled out on Thursday any trade war with the US over its withdrawal from Iran nuclear deal, saying that US exit from JCPOA will harm the European companies and will benefit the Russian and Chinese firms.

Referring to likely quit of business with Tehran by Total, Macron said that his county urges all types of guarantees for all the French companies preferring to stay in Iranian projects.

Macron, who was seriously opposed to US exit from JCPOA, added that European companies are not obliged to stay in Iran.

He also stressed that the US decision will be in the interest of the Russian and Chinese companies.

Macron, who is currently in Sofia to attend Summit of EU Leaders, also reiterated that France will support European Commission's proposals to safeguard European firms which may suffer from US sanctions.

Meanwhile, Head of European Commission Jean Claude Juncker who is also present in Sofia meeting, said EU will take measures as of Friday to make US sanctions against European companies doing trade with Iran ineffective.

On last Tuesday, US President Donald Trump announced the country's withdrawal from the landmark international pact, a decision which drew fierce opposition from US allies such as the EU, Britain, Germany and France, which are still committed to the JCPOA.

Source: Islamic Republic News Agency

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